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  1. OPERATION REACH OUT: A Military Suicide Prevention App

    Military Community Awareness-Digital (MCA-D) introduces OPERATION REACH OUT, a smartphone app aimed at preventing suicide among military personnel and veterans. Developed by a team of suicide prevention experts, under the supervision of the primary author, Lawrence Shapiro, Ph.D., the app is available free on the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.

    OPERATION REACH OUT is designed to:

    • Encourage people to reach out for help when they are having suicidal thoughts.
    • Help those who are concerned about family members, spouses, or fellow service members who may be suicidal.
    • Provide a personal contact help center.
    • Provide activities to help people who are depressed stay connected to others.

    Operation Reach Out is part of MCA-D’s effort to provide timely and effective support and guidance for military families.

    Free Mobile App available now on iTunes and the Android Market

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Activities For Adults

  1. Marriage: Coming Home

    Reunion can be a tough time for both spouses. This worksheet contains tips for readjustment, managing expectations, and improving your relationship through communication.


Activities For Kids

  1. To Do List

    Military children can be a big help to their parents and family! List ways you can pitch-in when your family needs help.