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  1. Reward Chart

    A reward chart will teach your children to set goals and work toward them. Your children will be answerable to the goals they have set and will take responsibility for their behavior. You will take yourself out of the position of nagging and become a cheerleader instead! For children ages...
  2. Staying Connected

    Becoming a civilian doesn’t mean you have to cut all ties with the military. Use this worksheet to write down contact information. DOWNLOAD NOW
  3. Deployment Journal

    Journals help you sort out your thoughts and feelings. Writing is also a good way to feel close to your deployed parent. Use this format to start off your journal. DOWNLOAD NOW
  4. Postcard Ideas

    Deployed parents love to get postcards. You can start early on your writing by getting some postcards ready to send as soon as you find out your parent’s new mailing address. Here are some ideas of what to write to them! DOWNLOAD NOW
  5. Old Friends

    Keeping in touch with old friends can be fun and easy. Put an X through the pictures that show good ways to stay in touch with old friends. DOWNLOAD NOW