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Marital Counseling

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marital problemsMarital counseling is a great way to improve your relationship and strengthen your family. Service members and their spouses face constant stress from all aspects of their lives, but especially when preparing for deployment and when reuniting. Seeking help through these difficult times is a brave and beneficial thing to do.

There are two types of counseling available to military couples:

1.      Non-medical

This kind of counseling is normally short-term and addresses everyday issues. It takes a problem solving approach to stress management, reintegration adjustments, grief, parenting, and relationship improvement.

2.      Medical

Medical counseling is more designed to address long-term issues. These can include substance abuse, PTSD, thoughts of suicide, child abuse, domestic violence, and other psychological problems.


There are many professional counseling services available to you through Military OneSource, TRICARE, Chaplains, Military Family Life Consultants, and civilian providers. You are not alone; you have the courage and means to strengthen your family through counseling.