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Finding a Job after Moving

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Moving is a stressful time for any family, but when your spouse is in the military it becomes even more complex. If you plan on seeking employment after the move, consider the following tips:

Plan ahead

  • Update your resume before the chaos begins. After you arrive in a new place you will be busy unpacking, and probably won’t have the energy or drive to update your resume.
  • Think about where you’re interested in working, and where your experience can take you. Do you prefer to be on base? Off base? What will your transportation situation be like?
  • Print many copies of your resume and make sure you can locate them after moving. Luckily, many job applications are done online these days. It also is a good idea to save your resume in your e-mail or to a flash drive.

Off Base Employment

  • Learn about your new community by exploring and talking to people.
  • Look at job listings in your local paper.
  • Think about starting your own business. Working in child care, cleaning, and selling items like Avon allows you to set your own hours. This can be advantageous especially if you have children. Please note that if you live on base, you will have to comply with any regulations they may have concerning these businesses.
  • Volunteer if you can; it will give you valuable experience and sometimes leads to a paid position.
  • Register with a temp agency- these positions can also lead to permanent jobs.

 On Base Employment

  • Go to job fairs and bring plenty of copies of your resume.
  • Network by joining spouse organizations and clubs.
  • Attend workshops hosted by the family service center.
  • Simply put, talk to your neighbors and make new friends. Let people know you are looking for a job, you never know what will pop up.
  • Contact the Spouse Employment Assistance Program (SEAP). This program maintains information on job opportunities, and you can apply for jobs using their RESUMIX system.