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Making Family Memories before a deployment

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When a deployment is on the horizon, a Military family starts to think about how to prepare before they leave. There is an urgency in wanting to make family memories together before the deployment begins.

What are some good ways to make some family memories before a deployment?

1) Pictures are always a favorite. Either have some nice professional photos done or take a bunch of photos with your own camera. Even though our deployment is a few months away, I am already trying to make sure we get more photos with Daddy. Some photographers might offer special pricing or even free shoots for those about to deploy. Don’t forget to get prints made and create a photo album for the service member to take overseas. You can also make photo albums for the kids or other family members.  Put some pictures up on your walls.  It is nice for the kids to see a lot of photos of their Mom or Dad once they deploy.

2) Fun day trips. Taking advantage of the weekends leading up to a deployment, many families like to find fun and local day trips to go on. Just spending the day together, making new memories can be a lot of fun. No matter where you live, there is bound to be something fun to take the kids to even if it is just a zoo or a fun park. Going on day trips is a cheaper way to have fun as a family before they leave.

3) Special dinners and celebrations. Some families like to celebrate birthdays and the holidays early before a deployment starts. This can make it easier for the family to cope when the actual date comes around. Serving favorite dinners might also be a nice treat for the family. It also might be a while before the service member can have certain foods so he or she will want to indulge in them before they leave.

4) Go on vacation. If you can swing it, it can be nice to go on vacation before a deployment. Spending a few days to a week together as a family can be nice for everyone. Like the day trips you can create wonderful memories. A lot of Military posts have travel agents you can go to or you can book your vacation online. Disney is a nice option since right now you can get special Military discounts for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It also might be nice to get away for a few nights without the kids. Just give yourself some time together as husband and wife.

Pre-deployment time can be a stressful time but you can make it nice and memorable. Creating great memories before they leave is taking advantage of the time you have together and enjoying those moments of family togetherness. When you know you will be apart for a period of time you want to enjoy all of the time you have together before that happens. It makes it a little easier to say goodbye when you know you have spent the last few weeks or months making the most of it.