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Why you should blog during a deployment

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If you have ever thought about starting a blog, a deployment might be a good time to start. I started my first Army wife blog during my husband’s second deployment. We were in Germany and I really wanted to share some of what I had been through. I figured there were others out there that had been through what we had been through or were about to. I just started blogging about what was going on in my life at the moment. Getting ready for homecoming and different ways to help get through a deployment were some of what I first blogged about.


Benefits of starting a blog during a deployment

Once you get started with a blog, you can easily find other blogs about Military life, deployment or anything you might be going through. Connect with those other bloggers and you will be able to build your readership. Even if you think your situation is unique, you will find others you have been or are going through it as well.

Frustration Outlet

What is nice about blogging during a deployment is that it is a great outlet for frustration and stress. Having a bad day missing your husband? Blog about it. Can’t figure out if you should go home for a visit while he is gone? Blog about it. Having trouble with your 8-year-old missing Daddy? Blog about it. Even if no one visits at first, keep blogging about it. Sometimes just writing out your feelings can help put you in a better mood.

Connect with others

After you start blogging you might find others in your area who do the same. You might want to set up blogger meetups. We have done that a few times here at Ft. Campbell and it was fun to really put some faces with some of my favorite blogs.

Be conscientious

One important thing to keep in mind is OPSEC when you are blogging. You don’t want to share anything that you shouldn’t be sharing publicly.  Never post exact dates or locations about deployment. You can always write a post and wait to publish it until after the event has occurred.  Another thing to keep in mind is figuring out what you personally feel comfortable posting about. You don’t have to post the real names of the members of your family. Some bloggers use nicknames. You don’t have to share where you live. You can be as anonymous as you would like to be.

You might think you have nothing to share or offer to the Internet but if you are a Military wife, you do. There is always something going on in your life that is worth blogging about. From pcsing to figuring out how to survive yet another deployment. There are many topics you can blog about. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there a little bit. It will be worth it and may make it a little easier to get through a deployment. I am so glad I started my blog when I did.

Do you blog or read other blogs about deployments?