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Introducing Diana Stone, Our Newest Contributor!

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Well hi there. As the newest writer for Military Family I thought I’d share a little more about myself.

I’m Diana, a current Army wife and past Marine wife. My husband is currently stationed in El Paso, TX, where we live with our little girl. We have been in the area for almost a year.

You might be over here because you read my blog Hormonal Imbalances (or perhaps follow me on Twitter as @lifeasaSAHM). Or this may be your first time reading me, and if so, welcome.

I’m a stay at home mom, and I used to teach before that. I am married to my husband Sam. I got married at 19. Everyone was delighted. Naturally. We have been married over 9 years, and in that time have dealt with PTSD, marriage trials, a tough pregnancy and first year with our daughter, and the loss of our twin boys – among other things. Sam served in Iraq during the height of the war in 2003/2004 and has been to many other countries during his time in the Marine Corps. I know what it’s like to not be able to hear from your spouse or significant other for months on end except for letters dated weeks before. I also know the happiness of seeing them come home.

We have a 2 1/2 year old, Bella, who is currently in the middle of potty training. She is the joy of our lives. We also learned we were pregnant in January, having twins in February, boys in March, identical in April, and then lost them both May 3rd at 19 weeks and 4 days after my water broke a week before. It was a huge shock and made waves across the internet as how I was treated by the doctors and my wishes dismissed for wanting to fight to hold on as long as we could.

We are learning how to deal with this profound loss and trying to move forward with adoption instead. Sam and I are looking at international adoption from one of the countries we both have visited over the years.

I am a freelance writer for a few different sites, love to work on my photography skills, travel, and cook. I also have a small obsession with having to keep things clean.

The military is our lifestyle now. When my husband finished his service in the Marines about 6 years ago, we headed back to civilian life for a while, only to find it wasn’t quite as ideal as we had pictured it. He plans on making this a career and although deployments are hard, the rest of military life is something I very much enjoy. We are learning to adjust to Army life and terms (post instead of fort, head gear instead of cover), and also adjusting to life in a desert climate right next to Mexico. Last summer being 108* everyday was rather a shock to move to from Colorado, but we have grown to love this city for all its quirks. Ft. Bliss is an amazing base.

Since we have settled in here, I’m looking forward to becoming more actively involved in the FRG, company get-togethers, and other military family things.

I’m looking forward to writing on more of the military side of our lives and offering my thoughts and experience with two different branches to anyone who might be looking for the how-to’s and in and outs of life as a military spouse and family.

You can find me chatting and pinning fun stuff on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.