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What to wear to Homecoming

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The deployment is almost over. You may have a homecoming date. You may even have a time which will of course change several times I am sure. But what in the world are you suppose to wear? You might be feeling pressure to dress a certain way or spend a certain amount of money on a new outfit. Some people get very dressed up for the event. Others wear a nice sweater and jeans. I have done both based on where we were, the season and all of that.

In Germany I wore a nice shirt or sweater and jeans or pants. He always came home in the wintertime. I didn’t want to freeze and I knew I could still look nice without having to wear a fancy dress. I did my hair and dressed my boys in cute clothes.

For R&R in California in July I dressed up in a nice summer dress. It was the perfect weather for it. I bought the dress especially for R&R. It made me happy when I ordered it because I knew that meant R&R was coming up. I knew my husband didn’t really care what I wore. Picking out that perfect outfit really is for the spouse. It gives you something to do and look forward to as you wait for your soldier to return home.

I am not saying we shouldn’t care about our appearance and just roll out of bed to go pick them up, but try not to worry about having a “perfect” outfit for the day. Use your own likes and dislikes to find something that works for you.

Some people like to get shirts made with cute sayings for their kids like, “Welcome Home Daddy” or “I’m here to pick up my Mom.” I love the idea of these although I have never ordered them myself. You can also get shirts made for yourself if you want.

I really like searching and trying to find something new for homecoming. It helps me see that there is an end to the deployment and that we have a great homecoming ahead of us in the near future. It gets me through the last few weeks which can be the hardest of a deployment. Getting ready the day of homecoming can help pass the time which also seems to drag. Taking the time to do your hair and makeup can make the time move a little faster.

Here are some ideas I have found that might work for a great homecoming outfit…

Source: polyvore.com via Julie on Pinterest

Source: polyvore.com via Julie on Pinterest

Source: polyvore.com via Julie on Pinterest


What do you like to wear to a homecoming?