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MotoMail for Marines

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Family and friends of Marines deployed to Afghanistan can send a physical letter to their loved one without leaving the house or paying for postage. MotoMail is a free, private and secure service that allows you to write a message out like an e-mail. Then, in Afghanistan, the letter will be downloaded, printed, and ready for delivery within 24 hours. MotoMail was started in December of 2004, and is powered by SuperLetter.

To use MotoMail:

  • Go to the website at www.motomail.us and create a user account.
  • Use several pull down menus to find the unit address.
  • Enter your Marine’s rank and full name.
  • Write the letter like you would an e-mail.
  • Click submit and the message is sent on its way to the Marine post office.

Deployed Marines have sporadic access to email and phone, but they will always get MotoMail. It is much faster than regular mail, and the price can’t be beat. Currently, this service is exclusive to the Marine Corps. However, Navy, Army and Air Force personnel co-located with Marines are eligible to receive MotoMail as well.


Moto: Short for “motivator” and “motivated.” A term used both endearingly and pejoratively in the Marine Corps to describe anyone who is a motivated hard-charger, or anything (t-shirt, sweatshirt, bumper sticker, etc.) that promotes that type of Marine.