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How Military Families Stay Connected During Deployments

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It can be very difficult when a member of a Military family is deployed. They are too many miles apart and the deployed spouse can feel so distant from their families. Here are some great ideas about how to stay connected during a deployment.

1) Send fun care packages- This is something the whole family can take part in. You can send a fun care package every month the deployed spouse is gone. Some people send them every week. You can create different themes such as their favorite candy, a holiday or their favorite movies. You can be as creative as you want as long as what you send them is allowed to be sent downrange. You can also include your kids in picking out the items and putting everything together. You also might want to get together with some friends and make a party out of it. You can all make cookies and package them up together to put in the packages. The deployed spouse will really enjoy receiving the fun packages.

2) Skype on the computer- If your service member has access to the Internet, this is a great way to stay in connect. You can talk to each other a little more easily and the kids will really enjoy it. It is a little nicer than just talking on the telephone. I have heard of some wives talking to their husband over Skype during birth because the spouse could not be there. It can make families feel a little bit closer to each other.

3) Send a journal back and forth– Another great idea is to send a journal back and forth to each other. You can write about what you have been doing and how you have been feeling. The kids could have a journal with their deployed parent to help them feel a little closer. You could also wait and not send the journals. Then you could read them when the deployment is over.

4) Old Fashioned Letters- These are my favorite! In this day and age it is so nice to receive a letter in the mail. Even nicer when the letter is from your deployed husband or wife. You can send as many letters as you want.  When my husband is deployed I found writing a letter to him was very helpful when I was really missing him.

It can be hard to be away from loved ones when you are deployed. These ideas should make it a little easier for everyone.

If you are friends with a family who has a deployed spouse it is a really great idea to ask them if you can also send a care package. This will let the deployed spouse know that people are thinking about them. It can also sometimes help to send a package to the spouse back at home. Some wives are far from home and would appreciate knowing that others were thinking about them as well.

What have you done to stay connected during a deployment?

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