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Christmas and the Military: 9 Must Read Books for All Ages

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There isn’t any time like Christmas to curl up and read a good book by the fire. It’s also the perfect time to learn more about special and different Christmas stories that have happened all over the world, or that elaborate on families missing a member during the holidays.

There are soldiers who spend years of holidays away from friends and family. Whether or not your family is part of an immediate military one, there is a story that affects all of us in some way about Christmas and the people who serve or have served during that time. Often I forget that Christmas isn’t just celebrated or recognized in America, but that the day of it stands for something kind and peaceful everywhere.

I’ve rounded up 9 of the best books, fiction and non, for all ages and genders. Some are geared more towards older children/teens while others are for children just learning about the service and Christmas. It’s a great way to put a new perspective on such an amazing holiday, and may encourage your family to do something for a soldier near or far from you this season. There are all kinds of ways to get involved – sending cards, boxes, or just by checking online to see what is happening on a base near you.

From a truce between fighting troops at Christmas to a family that can’t afford the Christmas tree while Daddy is away, and real life tales of war and heroes, there are some classics here your whole family will enjoy.

The Soldiers’ Night Before Christmas by Christine Ford and Trish Holland

The Night Before Christmas in the Military by Sue Carabine and Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

The Last Christmas Card by Laura Briggs and Sarah Steinbrenner

Christmas in the Trenches by John McCutcheon and Henri Sorensen

Silent Night: The Story of the World War I Christmas Truce by Stanley Weintraub

Christmas 1945: The Greatest Celebration in American History by Matthew Litt

The Best Christmas Present in the World by Michael Morpurgo and Michael Foreman

Truce: The Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting by Jim Murphy

One Splendid Tree by Marilyn Helmer and Dianne Eastman

Do you have any favorites for Christmas that have to do with the military? Or traditions that you’ve started with your family to help out a soldier that can’t go home or a family struggling to put gifts under the tree?

If you know of ways to get involved or that others could help this season, please feel free to leave a link to a site or an idea in the comments.