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Most of us have to deal with a bully in our life, whether it’s at school, work, or in the neighborhood. Read on to learn more about bullies, and to find out what you can do about a bully.

Why do bullies act the way they do?

Bullies try to scare other people to make themselves feel more powerful. However, most people can see through this, and it does not work. People become bullies because deep down they feel weak, afraid, lonely, powerless, dumb, or not as good as everyone else.

You’re a bully if you…

  • Call people names
  • Get into fights
  • Talk about someone behind their back
  • Damage another person’s personal property
  • Threaten to hurt someone
  • Make racist or sexist comments
  • Push people around
  • Steal money, clothing, or other belongings
  • Force someone to do something they don’t want to do

What to do if you’ve been bullied:

  • Tell someone. Victims of bullies are often too embarrassed or scared to tell someone, but this only allows bullies to continue their bad behavior.
  • Stay with friends. Bullies tend to bother people who are alone, so hanging out with friends can be one way to avoid problems.
  • Walk away. If someone is hassling you, you absolutely have the right to ignore them.