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Best Duty Stations

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There are many different types of places a Military member could get stationed. My husband is in the Army. We have been stationed at three different Army posts. During the last seven years I have met many people who have been stationed at many of the other Army posts throughout the US and the world. Some places are better than others. There are a few places that get a lot of negative reviews. Overall, I think most places are filled with some people who love it there and some who don’t. Distance from family can be a huge factor in whether you like a duty station or not. Climate is also a factor for some. It really just depends on the family.

4 of the Best Military Duty Stations

I can tell you that there are certain places that are envied by a lot of people. I would consider these the “Best” duty stations only because they are favorites among those in the Army. I don’t mean to say that other places are horrible but that overall these places are places a lot of people want to go to.

1) Hawaii. I think most people want to go to Hawaii at some point. It seems like a dream. Ocean and tropical living, please sign me up. Most people who have been to Hawaii have loved it but there are some who don’t. Hawaii isn’t for everyone. I am not sure if we will ever end up over there but I would like to think I would love it and enjoy all it has to offer.

2) Germany. Europe is such a wonderful place to be stationed. Even though by the end of our four years there I was very ready to leave, I am thankful for the opportunity our family had to live over there. When you are able to travel, there is just so much to see. The Military community over there is very tight. Your kids can learn a new language and make friends with the locals. It is such a learning experience to live in another country.

3) Fort Carson, Colorado. Out of all the duty stations in the mainland US, this is the one I hear the most good things about. People who have been there want to go back. People who are going there couldn’t be more excited. Maybe it is the mountains, the outdoor sports or just that it is centrally located but people love it. I am not sure how my California blood would be able to handle living in Colorado but I wouldn’t complain if we got orders for there.

4) Alaska. Lately I have been hearing a lot of good things about Alaska. It is beautiful and there are a lot of winter sports you can take part in. I am not sure if I would enjoy it but I know a lot of people have and others can’t wait to get there. The photographer side of me would love it I am sure.

Have you been stationed at any of these places? Where do you want to go next?