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Saying Goodbye to Friends

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When you are a Military family you get to meet a lot of wonderful people no matter where you go. The sad part of that is that most Military families move to a different duty station every 2-4 years. This means having to start all over, make new friends and then say goodbye. You might be the one leaving, you might be the one having to send someone off. If you are a Military spouse, saying goodbye to good friends becomes apart of your normal life.

When you are new to your duty station you have to take the time to make friends. It might be easier or harder based on where you are located and your own personality. Eventually you will click with someone and start a friendship. Sometimes you will go through deployments together. Then it is time to say goodbye.

This can be difficult for some people especially if you know it is coming months ahead of time. Thinking about how you won’t be able to just meet up with that person when you want to. Thinking about not having as much in common or being in different parts of the world is hard. If your kids are all friends it makes it even more difficult. Kids might have a harder time with saying goodbye to their friends. They don’t always understand why someone has to leave and it can be harder for them to keep in touch with the other children. Especially if they are too young to communicate well on the phone or through emails or letters.

I am thankful for places like Facebook so that I can connect and talk regularly with friends who have moved away or friends I have moved away from. I like being able to see their photos and catch up with them. It still doesn’t replace having them close but it is better than never talking with them again.

Right now I am aware than many of my closest friends will be moving this year. They will either be pcsing or leaving the Army life and heading back home. I know this will be hard for me but I have done it before. I know it will take time to make new friends but I know it will eventually happen. I never want to replace my friends but knowing that there are other great friendships in my future is comforting.

Still, there is something very sad about saying goodbye to friends. Saying goodbye to the people who have been there for you when you needed them. People you have spent the holidays with and people you consider family. On the other hand, being a Military spouse means you have a country full of people who you know. If we ever want to take a road trip across the country, I know a few places we could go to visit friends. And with the Army community being what it is, you never know when you might end up at the same place sometime in the future.

Do you have to say goodbye to friends this year?