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November is National Military Family Month

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In a proclamation issued Tuesday, November 1st, The President stated that November is a month to celebrate the “exceptional service, strength, and sacrifice of our military families.”

The President wrote, “Just as our troops embody the courage and character that make America’s military the finest in the world, their family members embody the resilience and generosity that make our communities strong. They serve with heroism in their homes and neighborhoods while they are without the comfort of having loved ones nearby.”

“Day after day, week after week, spouses resolutely accomplish the work of two parents, sons and daughters diligently keep up with homework and activities, and parents and grandparents patiently wait for news of their child and grandchild’s safe return. To these families, and to those whose service members never come home, we bear a debt that can never be fully repaid.”

The Obama administration’s recognition of military families is not just limited to the month of November. Earlier this year, The First Lady, along with the Vice-President’s wife, launched the Joining Forces initiative, which encourages Americans to give service members and their families all the opportunities and support that they have earned. The ladies have traveled to many military bases and organizations to spread the word.

Finally, The President reminds us that “Our service members swore an oath to protect and defend, and with each step we take on this land we cherish, we remember our steadfast promise to protect the well-being of the family members they hold dear. Every act of kindness we can offer helps cultivate a culture of support for our military families, and I encourage each American to make a difference in the lives of these patriots.”