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Helping Heroes

Looking for a way to support members of the military family? There are many wonderful organizations who have been helping service members and their families for many years. Please consider learning about these worthy non-profit military support organizations, listed alphabetically, below. And if you have the ability to help in any way, be it a donation of time, money, or both… please do so today.

Military Support Organizations

  1. Veteran Fast Launch Initiative

    Helping Veterans & Their Families To Start And Grow Small Businesses

    The Veteran Fast Launch is an organization whose mission is to assist any Veteran and Active Duty Member who is starting their own business by offering free or significantly discounted resources. With their partnership with the Wal-Mart Foundation they are able to provide military members with free or significantly discounted resources for starting businesses, such as computer software and business services (provided by major corporate partners), training in how to start and how to grow a successful/profitable business, and access to SCORE’s mentoring program.

    To give back you can spread the word to any Active Service Member or Veteran starting a business about the Veteran Fast Launch program. Or visit their website for more details.

  2. Veterans Across America

    Veterans Across America, a 501(c)(3) organization in New York that helps returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans find civilian jobs.

    More volunteer mentors are needed for their unique Champion Mentor Program. No monetary donation is required, only the willingness to offer your time to a returning veteran by sharing your own business and professional networks with them to uncover new job opportunities.

    For more information, please contact Marion I. Lipshutz, the Associate Director of Research and Development at Veterans Across America, via e-mail at mlipshutz@veteransacrossamerica.org or by phone at 212-684-1122, ext. 421.

Know of any other military non-profit organizations? Let us know.

MilitaryFamily.com is proud to be able to notify our readers of these non-profit organizations, but we can not be held responsible for any of the terms and guidelines of these organizations. Please contact the respective non-profit organization with any questions.