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Have a Great Recipe? Share It.

Whether You’re a Military Spouse / Military Wife, a Service Member, or You Simply Wish To Help Those In The Military Family, You’ll Have Fun… And You May Even Win a Free Gift Card from American Express!

So, you’re the world’s greatest chef, huh? You can whip up a gourmet meal for twelve with one arm tied behind your back?

Okay, maybe not. No matter how good you are, you probably have at least one recipe you’re proud of. Some special dish that you or your family loves. If so, please share it here on our Home Cooking page. Each month, Military Family will award a $25 gift card to the Home Cooking participant who posts the most interesting, creative, or downright delicious recipe!

Where Do You Send Your Recipe?

You can post it right here, below, in the comments section. We’re keeping the contest informal–simply jot down your recipe to let others enjoy. If you happen to win, we’ll notify you by email. But even if you don’t win, you’ll still be helping your fellow military family members… and you may have a little fun in the process!

* To enter, simply create an account here on MilitaryFamily.com. Log in or create an account now. Then, when posting your recipe, just sign your username at the bottom of the comment. Good luck – and more importantly, thanks for sharing!


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