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A Million Thanks

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A Million Thanks is a year-round campaign to show our appreciation for our U.S. Military members through our letters, emails, cards, and prayers.

A Million Thanks was started by Shauna Fleming in 2004 when she was a freshman in high school. What started as a small community service project to collect thank you letters for U.S. troops turned into a nationwide campaign. Her goal was to collect one million letters of appreciation for service members stationed around the world. Within six months, her goal was reached and to date, over five million letters have been distributed to troops. While Fleming expands her organization to collect letters, she also started a foundation called Wounded Soldier’s Wish, which raises funds to grant wishes to military injured in the War on Terror.

To participate, here are a few easy ways to help:

  • If you know a service member that would like to receive mail, submit his or her address to AMillionThanks@aol.com
  • Apply to become an official drop-off location and collect letters in your local community at www.AMillionThanks.org