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MilitaryFamily.com is a community website designed to connect military families with a system of current and relevant resources. The website empowers military families while improving quality of life through community, guidance, and support.

MilitaryFamily.com, a non-profit, is sponsored by Military Community Awareness (MCA). For over 20 years, MCA has provided hundreds of innovative, expert-created materials designed to help military families. There is something for everyone.As a result, MCA’s experience and trusted resources provide a great foundation for MilitaryFamily.com to connect with the military community in a new simple approach. These connections begin with an Advisory Board, which was mindfully selected to enhance MilitaryFamily.com and its mission. Collectively, the Advisory Board brings years of experience as service members and staff in support of military, along with educational backgrounds.

MilitaryFamily.com aspires to provide personalized support by putting experienced experts in touch with the military family community. Whether you are currently serving, a veteran, a family member, staff in support of military family programs, or a patriotic community member, there is something for everyone.

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