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NFL Football Team Surprises Marine Widow with a New House

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United States Marine Scott Wood died several weeks ago after getting wounded during a combat mission in Iraq.  Before his funeral, his spouse dressed him in 2 uniforms.  First, the marine wore his dress blues.  Beneath, he was wearing a Houston Texans, number 80 jersey, that of receiver Andre Johnson.

Scott  and his wife, Sara Wood, were married 8 years earlier. Since Scott’s death, Sara and her son Landon, 5, have been living with Sara’s parents.

Sara spoke of Landon, saying, “He knows Daddy’s in heaven, though I do not know if he completely understands what that really means. He does know that his daddy’s not coming home again.”

Sara received an offer to attend the Houston Texans game against the Carolina Panthers sent by the Texans organization. She didn’t think twice about taking them up on the offer. She knew that Scott would have really liked to have attended the game and see his favorite team play. Plus, she and her son had never before attended an NFL game.

FSHouston.com‘s Tully Corcoran explains that The Texans brought Sara to the game but only told her that she and son Landon would take part in a halftime ceremony where Landon would be given a new bike as they, along with 71,000+ fans would celebrate Scott’s memory. That did happen… and then the surprise of a life followed.

The team informed Sara that she and Landon were to receive a brand new in suburb of Houston. The best part: the house was fully paid! Operation Finally Home, an organization that builds houses for injured and disabled vets or their widowed families was behind the benevolent gesture. In the 7 years since the charity’s inception, thirty-two homes have been built and given away… all completely paid off and mortgage free.

This new home will permit the Wood family to remain close to family but live in a home of their own.  The hope is that she and Landon will move in within 6 months.  Scott won’t be there, but that does not mean that Landon will not speak to him.

“We told him he could speak with daddy in his prayers,” she revealed, “and even in the middle of the day, you can see him stroll round the corner and you’ll hear him say the  ‘now I lay me down to sleep prayer, ‘ which Scott taught him.  And then he starts chatting to daddy. “.