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Ask Cindy: Assistance to Military Families

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Dear Cindy,
How can I provide assistance to military families in my area?

Ask Cindy!

Dear generous souls that have asked this question in some form or another,

From all military families out there, thank you! I am sometimes overwhelmed by the generosity that so many people show towards our military community, or even when someone just thanks me for my service. What a privilege to be part of such a supportive community! Based on the number of inquiries I get of this nature, I realize that many people want to “give back”, but just don’t know how to go about it. The answer is easy if you have a military installation, armory or reserve center nearby. Every branch of service has some sort of family program that provides assistance to military members and their families. You could contact them for guidance on how to proceed.

But there are other options for those who are not geographically located near an installation of some kind. Veterans come in all age groups, and there are many programs that can always use financial support. Search the internet for something close to your location. Here are just a few organizations to start with:

  • VA Hospitals and Clinics. And there are Vet Centers in every state.
  • The Red Cross – provides financial assistance for emergency use as well as transportation for emergency purposes.
  • National Guard Foundation – many states have a foundation that provides financial relief to eligible guardsmen. They also assist with acquiring vehicles, homes and equipment to wounded warriors.
  • Relief Societies – every branch of service has a relief society for their service members.
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars – provides assistance to veterans and their families.
  • USO – has many programs that assist service members and their families.

You can also go to the website www.Serve.gov to find many opportunities to help out. There is certain to be something that fits with your intentions. Let me know what you decide to do – I’d love to share your generosity with other readers!

Thanks again!


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  1. Sonya Recker

    January 11, 2013

    Cindy, In most states there are also FRSA’s (Family Readiness Suport Assistants) and FAS’ (Family Assistance Specialist) that are working full time to assist Soldier and their families. Here in the state of GA we have 8 FRSA’s and 10 FAS’ available. We are available to any service member, no matter the Branch of Service. Just thought I would pass this bit of information on to you.