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Big Thanks To All Of Our Sponsors!

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MilitaryFamily.com wants to thank all of our amazing sponsors that have made The Great American Road Trip Giveaway such a big success!

Blue Lizardhttp://www.bluelizard.net/

   Provided 1 30oz bottle of sport sunscreen for each gift bag

Jimarti: http://www.jimarti.com/

   Provided 2 pairs of sunglasses for each gift bag (men’s style)

KIND Snacks: http://www.kindsnacks.com/

    Provided bars of each flavor from the new KIND nuts and spices line

Rubbermaid: http://www.rubbermaid.com/

   1 hydration water bottle and 1 lunch box kit for each gift bag

Kiss My Face: http://www.kissmyface.com/

   Provided 1 tote bag full of travel size items for each gift bag

Ecovessel: http://ecovessel.com/

    Provided 1 Gobble N Go cup for each gift bag for kids

GoGo SqueeZ: http://www.gogosqueez.com/

   Provided packets of Go Go SqueeZ applesauce for each gift bag

Little Honey: http://www.alittlehoney.com/

Provided 1 kids neck pillow for each gift bag (various patterns)

JJ Cole Collections: http://jjcolecollections.com/

     Provided 1 traveling blanket for each gift bag

ZAGG: http://www.zagg.com/

   Provided 1 ZAGGsparq charger and a pair of ZAGGearbuds for each gift bag

Two Lumps Of Sugar: http://www.twolumpsofsugar.net/

   Provided 1 camo lunch sack for each gift bag

Redbull: http://www.redbullusa.com/

     Provided samples of redbull energy drinks for each gift bag

Discovery Trekking Outfitters: http://www.discoverytrekking.com/

    Provided 1 ultra fast-dry towel for each gift bag

Lesportsac: http://lesportsac.com/

  Provided 1 bag for each gift bag (various styles and patterns)

Glutino: http://www.glutino.com/

     Provided 1 box of original crackers for each gift bag

Eagle Creek: http://www.eaglecreek.com/

    Provided 1 roll-away suitcase for each gift bag

Jessica Steele: http://www.jessiesteele.com/

   Provided 1 regular tote and 1 lunch tote for each gift bag (various styles and patterns)

Liberty Bottle Works: http://libertybottles.com/

Provided adult size bottles and sports cap bottles for each gift bag

Lucky Bums: http://luckybums.com/

    Provided 1 flashlight for each gift bag for kids

Snifty Pens: http://www.sniftypen.com/

    Provided samples of pens and pencils for each gift bag

International Playthings: http://www.intplay.com/

   Provided 5 travel related toys for each gift bag

Go Girl Energy Drinks: http://www.gogirlenergy.com/

   Provided sugar-free energy drink samples for each gift bag


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  1. Leslie Hanes

    July 31, 2012

    We are happy to participate in your giveaway. Discovery Trekking’s award winning sport/backpacking/travel towels contain Silver to kill bacteria, have won awards for innovation, and are used by many troops and their families. Good Luck!

  1. The Military Family Great American Road Trip Giveaway07-23-12